The Solids Handling Equipment

The substances which are  stored and transported in loose and not in packages are named as bulk solids. These are minerals, chemicals, starch, resins, sugar and recyclable plastic. 80% of the world's material transport includes bulk solids. To prevent the deterioration of these solids by exposure to moisture, specialized Solids Handling Equipment is used in storage, movement, control and protection. These equipments are based on the technology to preserve and handle particulate materials like grains or cohesive materials like resin, starch etc. A solid handling system must be completely equipped with all the necessary tools to store, pick, package and transfer the material. A full system mainly comprises of:

1. Unloading station - A particular access point where the material is to be discharged is called unloading station. It can be a railcar unloading station or simple bag dumping station.

2.Conveyor System- To enable easy movement of material a flexible screw conveyors, bucket conveyors or pneumatic conveyors are used. Pneumatic conveyor is preferably used because of its smooth and easy working.

3.Storage equipment- Big silos, hoppers, bins are generally used to store the material until they are processed.

4. Packaging equipment-Automated batching equipments are used to collect the dust, mixing and packaging the materials for shipment or sale.

A number of specifications should be taken into notice before installing or purchasing a material handling equipment.- All materials do not have the same density.- The average particle size and characteristics also differ a lot in different materials.- Environmental factors also play different role in processing of different materials.Specific equipment tests are recommended before purchasing the equipment. These tests help to check the accuration of particular equipment as per the properties of material.

Depending upon the size and quantity of material to be stored, the type of storage equipments are selected. Huge silos are efficient in storage of large scale food  grains. Small bins in this case would not be of much usage. In the same manner, transportation of materials varies as per the qualities. Granular materials can not be transported in the same means as the sticky materials.The main list of modern day equipments is:


-Bulk bags

-Bucket elevators

-Drag chain conveyors

-Dryers-Dust collection equipment

-Flexible screw conveyors


-Load cells

-Mixers and blenders

-Pneumatic conveyors

-Separation equipment

-Storage silos

-Vaccum cleaners

The main fields where solid handling equipments are used:-Industrial materials like cement, mining materials, calcite, pharmaceuticals, coal, petroleum, plastic, saw dust, polypropylene etc are handled using these equipments.-Burning of solid fuels like coal produce ash. Cement factories, boilers, chemical processes need heat for the working.  Ash is heat generator. Ash handling systems are used to store and transport ash.-Food substances like sugar, milk powder, coffee powder, corn and spices can be handled with bulk solid handling systems.-Agricultural materials like chick peas, almonds, sunflower, seeds, pea nuts, cotton seed, grain cereals are also managed by material handling equipments.These equipments are  advantageous to maintain long term and safe processing of various bulk solids.