Get Smart with Real Estate Niche Investing: Here Is How


Investing in real estate has always been fruitful. But to earn bigger bucks, you need to invest in the real estate niche.

Niche is a specialized section in the real estate domain. Before you start investing, you will have to decide your real estate investment strategy and the real estate investment niche.

There are four basic kinds of niches-

  • Seller niches
  • End-user niches
  • Location niches
  • Property niches

Each of these, have multiple categories under them.

Property Niche

The easiest and most efficient way to invest is to determine the type of property. This article is just a brief overlook on the topic, so if you find any category under a particular niche interesting, make sure you read and study it in further detail.

The various categories under property niche are-

  • Single-family houses- These are readily available and are constructed in situ (on-site). They are a major part of the housing sector.
  • Duplexes/ Triplexes- Duplexes (2 units), Triplexes (3 units) are a hybrid of single houses and apartments as they have their own residential area but produce higher rentals
  • Small Apartment buildings- the buildings that encompass around 50-100 apartments. This requires a larger investment than the above three
  • Large Apartment Buildings- Buildings that have more than 100 apartments come with various benefits. The greater the size of the building, the greater are the economies of scale. You have multiple units to earn from for one land.
  • Condos and Townhouses- they are individual housing space that is a part of a bigger unit
  • Mobile Homes On Land- these are built in a factory and are then transported to the desired location

I hope you find this article insightful.



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