Industrial real estate


The manufacturing industries, factories, and buildings for processing, research, and development need larger spaces. Usually, these industrial real estate properties are searched on the outskirts of a city. This is because there will not be any disturbance from city life and the effluents can be dismissed safely without contamination. The noise created during manufacturing also will be huge and thus it cannot disturb the city dwellers. It is one of the main properties under commercial property and can be further broken down into three categories as follows.

  • Small: The smaller industrial real estate properties include one or two storied buildings for small businesses or research area. The office is also built along with the business manufacturing unit. It is great for start-ups, mechanics, and other laboratories. The property is cheap and hence suitable for small businesses.
  • Large: It is suitable for medium and larger warehouses that require a larger space for manufacturing, logistics, and sales of the unit. The distribution can also be done but on a smaller level within specific regions.
  • Very large: The goods manufactured needs to be processed, quality checked, packed, and then transported to outlets. Hence, they require a larger space area and is suitable for medium and larger sized enterprises.



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