Types Of Residential Real Estate Properties


Residential Real Estate properties are of many types and can be classified based on the value of the property easily. The following are the different types of residential properties.


  1. Class A properties – The ones that come under this type are regarded as the best residential spaces that include big mansions or other forms of Hing-end properties. They are usually very expensive and equipped with a variety of features and amenities. They are bought or sold by celebrities, actors and other billionaires and millionaires. They are quite new and are less than 5 to 10 years old.
  2. Class B properties – They are more common than and are more affordable than Class A properties. This type is usually owned by middle-class people and comes with all the basic amenities. They are less than 15 years old or are refurbished if older.
  3. Class C properties – This type of Real Estate properties is commonly preferred by people with low wage jobs and those who live on pensions. The homes are at least 15 years or older and require frequent repairs and maintenance.
  4. Class D properties – There is not much difference between Class C and Class D, but the living conditions are comparatively worse in Class D properties.

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